Howling Beans Coffee is created using the freshest coffee beans and an excellent micro roasting process.


Micro Roasting, What Is It?


Micro Roasting is the process that takes small batches of fresh, green, coffee beans and roasting them very specifically to a particular roast profile. Usually, the roast profile is one suited for the bean. The coffee bean roast profile is usually determined by the type of bean, the region the bean originates, and how the bean is processed (or cleaned).


Why Micro Roast?


Coffee beans and ground coffees you find in your grocery stores are mass produced. Volume is the name of the game there. While it is true that micro roasted coffees may tend to be more expensive, the quality is much higher than any volume produced coffee. Most volume produced coffee uses lesser quality beans from the start and blends them together. Small batch, micro roasters typically import/buy individual or single origin beans and roast them to perfection. This allows the coffee connoisseur to taste the unique flavors of that individual coffee bean, thus opening up a whole new coffee tasting experience.